I went to the SIGGRAPH Asia Conference today. We only went to the exhibitors portion because it is a very expensive conference. I went to the one in New Orleans last year (Exhibitor portion only again because I was broke back then). This one wasn’t as interesting because there were less booths and being that it’s SIGGRAPH Asia, a lot of the companies and schools are where I don’t want to be…Asia. I did sign up to get some information from an Art school in California though. I don’t know if I did that more to get the information or the free stuff.

I just wandered around and tried to talk to as many English speakers as I could. Don’t get to that too often these days.

One thing that stood out (that is totally insignificant) is the fact that everybody, well at least every Korean, had an NVIDIA bag except me. Now these were just your normal shopping bag, but since I had picked up all this free stuff, it would have been nice to have been able to put it in a bag. I saw a lot of people with them so I go up to the booth and the lady is like, fill this out and we’ll give you a gift. I thought it was going to be a bag and some literature. So I finish filling all this stuff out and she gives me a notepad and pen set. I’m like o_O. I thought that maybe all the people that registered beforehand were getting the bags, but I look later and she’s just handing it out to all the Koreans…and they didn’t even have to fill out a survey. Wackington!!! When I went back later (because I gathered more stuff) of course, all the bags were gone. Whatev!

We got to eat at “On The Border”, a Mexican restaurant, for lunch. It was delicioso!!!

Got to work around 1pm and didn’t start really working until around 1:45pm. I can say today felt really Ice Cubey. “Today Was A Good Day”.

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Here are some pictures from my first day back in August.

First Day of Work

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I look like I'm 12 years old. Lol.

Pictures: Dong-A Sports Day

Here in Korea they have Sports day where the different classes compete again each other in activities like Tug-Of-War, Dodgeball, and foot facing. This was the Sports Day at my middle school (Dong-A Girls Middle School).

Me and the cool teacher that can't speak English

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He invited me to his house and everything. It was a cool time.

Pictures: Students

Here are some of the students I have come across.

Annie (Jeju Camp)

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They wanted to try on my sunglasses

I did take some pictures of my old apartment when I moved out. Didn’t want to have lived there and never had any evidence of it. Lol.


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